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06-22-20 News

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Feeding America will be giving away food boxes Tuesday from 8-12. The church council w ill meet July 5.

06-01-20 News

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The church council will meet next Sunday.

05-18-20 News

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We are meeting again while following safety guidelines. Because of that, the services will be a little different. We still invite you to come and look forward to seeing you.

03-16-20 News

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Wednesday evening Bible study has been put on hiatus for now. The church council will meet April 5. Our Easter dinner will be on April 12. We will have activities for the kids.

03-02-20 News

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We will continue studying salvation this Wednesday. The youth and children will be painting tiles on March 15.

02-24-20 News

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We want to encourage you to pray for one another. A good way to start is to pick one person to pray for this week. The church council will meet March 1.

2-17-20 News

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Both Sunday and Wednesday evening Bible studies have been moved to 5pm for the time being. The congregation gets to pick out songs next Sunday, so have your favorite ready. Bro. Bob will be retiring in April. His last Sunday will be on Easter.

02-10-20 News

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Bro. Bob will be retiring Easter Sunday, April 12.

02-03-20 News

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Our topic for this Wednesday evening is salvation. The church council will meet this Sunday.