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Rejected by Others

January 19, 2020
People often try to push God to the side, thinking that He is no longer needed. In reality, we need God, no matter what we may think. Pushing Him away…
Christians are subject to being called villains when society disagrees with us. We often get blamed for trouble that occurs. Though Christians are not perfect, much of this labeling is…

The Son of Man

December 15, 2019
Along with being fully God, Jesus came as fully man. This part of Him meant that He knew what people go through and can be our High Priest. That is…

Jesus Brings Change

December 8, 2019
Jesus came to us fully God and fully man. Born of a virgin, He lived a perfect life. His life and sacrifice paid the penalty for our sins.

Real Love

November 17, 2019
What is called love today often is not true love. God is love, and has demonstrated His love over and over again. The greatest example of this is God sending…

To Love or to Die

November 10, 2019
Life can be full of choices, but only one choice matters in the case of eternity. We must decide between love, and therefore life, or death. Choosing God's love also…

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