Be Faithful to God

February 28, 2016
Moses is used as an example of faithfulness, but even his example is close to what Jesus displayed. We need to be faithful to what God has called us to…

Jesus is God

February 7, 2016
There are people who will say that Jesus is not God, just a good man that said some wise things. The Bible is very plain that Jesus is God.

Reconciled to God

January 17, 2016
Our sin makes us enemies of God, He is so holy that He cannot tolerate sin. On our own, we can do nothing about this. That is why Jesus came,…

Hope Anchors the Soul

December 20, 2015
With all that we face, it is easy to get bogged down in life. When we realize that we are sinful, we can feel like we're drifting. However, Christians have…

Peace with God

December 13, 2015
Peace is much sought after and highly valued. True peace comes from God through Jesus. To get the peace we seek, we must be at peace with God.

The Joy of the Lord

December 6, 2015
Happiness can fade, but the joy we find in the Lord stays with us. Though there are several ways we might encounter this joy, it will only come from God.

Christian Family

November 22, 2015
The Bible is specific on how the Christian family should be. There are roles for each member, and we need to follow these/ However, we also need to watch that…

Put on Love

November 8, 2015
Once we have put our old self aside, we need to be careful and not pick it up again. This means we need to let Jesus change how we live;…