May 23, 2021
50 days after Jesus rose from the grave, He sent the Holy Spirit onto His followers.
Priorities. We all have them. No matter how organized we may be, our priorities can get messed up. We need to regularly check to make sure God is at the…

Mothers Day

May 9, 2021
On this day, we honor mothers. We need to consider what that means and how we do that.


May 2, 2021
Prayer is how we talk with God. We don't have to use fancy words, or go on and on. God knows ours hearts and wants to meet our needs.

The Good Shepherd

April 25, 2021
Jesus came to be our Shepherd. He guides and protects us, we just need to listen to His voice.


April 11, 2021
Doubt seems to be an everyday companion. We doubt all kinds of things and people. It feels natural for us to doubt. Does all this doubt make it acceptable?

The Empty Tomb

April 4, 2021
Early on the third day, Mary went to the tomb to tend to Jesus' body. When she got there, He was gone. Just as He promised, Jesus had risen.

The Triumphal Entry

March 28, 2021
Palm Sunday marks the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem to begin His final week before the crucifixion. He came to give us peace and to carry our sin.
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