To Love or to Die

November 10, 2019
Life can be full of choices, but only one choice matters in the case of eternity. We must decide between love, and therefore life, or death. Choosing God's love also…

The Death Chamber

November 9, 2019
Deathbed confessions have revealed secrets and changed minds. People have accepted Jesus and people have cursed Him. Two criminals crucified with Jesus illustrates these two reactions. One day, you will…
While Jesus stayed with a friend in Capernaum, some men brought their friend to be healed. These men did everything they could to get their friend to Jesus. Are we…

Big Little Man

November 7, 2019
Zacchaeus heard about Jesus, and wanted to see Him. That day, Jesus spent time with a despised man, and showed him the way of salvation.

Do Not Conform

September 29, 2019
We are surrounded by the world, but we don't have to mold our lives to the world. Our trust should be in God, our model should be Jesus.