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Peace and Hope

November 13, 2022
No matter what trials we face, God grants us peace and hope through Jesus. Our struggles will bring us closer to God if we trust in Him.

Giving it All

November 6, 2022
Sacrifice was modeled by Jesus when He laid down His life for all. Today, we recognize those who have put their lives at risk to protect us.

Christians and a Pumpkin

October 30, 2022
God doesn't wait for us to clean ourselves up, even if we were able to. He picks us and prepares us for the calling He has for us.

Their Good Example

October 23, 2022
There are many Christians that serve as examples of how we should live. Though we should always model Christ, we can learn from others and we can serve as examples…

Be Able to Teach Others

October 9, 2022
We are all called to serve Christ. It is common to see people serve in certain positions, but there are some, teaching for one, that is just as important, but…
Being in the world should not distract us from God. What we collect here on Earth will not last for eternity and we need to make sure our hearts stay…
We do not know everything that is going to happen, and this can lead to times of uncertainty. We can always trust that God is in control and will lead…