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He Will Return

May 24, 2015
Jesus is coming back, but we do not know the day. We need to be ready for Him when He returns; we do not want to be found slacking off.…


May 3, 2015
Rahab went from being a prostitute to being an ancestor of Jesus. With her step of faith, she received a new life and had her past forgotten.
The woman at the well was despised in her town, and as a Samaritan. Jesus, however, overlooked both of those reasons and reached out to her. She was able to…


April 19, 2015
Esther showed great faith in approaching the king to ask for her people to be saved. With that example, we see how we are to boldly approach the the throne…

What Next

April 12, 2015
After the resurrection, the disciples were still wondering what to do. Even after being told by Jesus what would happen, they had started to give up. But Jesus came back…

Crucifying Jesus

March 29, 2015
When Jesus walked among us on Earth, people wanted to kill Him. Though they cannot kill Him physically today, there are still those that want Him out of society.

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