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Working for God

September 5, 2021
The concept of work often comes with negative feelings. This hasn't always been the case, and should not be our first thought.

Spiritual Gifts

August 29, 2021
God gives us gifts to use. Though they vary, all come from God and should be used in His service.

Unity Through Humility

August 15, 2021
Christians need to be unified. This doesn't mean that we will all be alike, but that we are of the same mind, Christ's mind.

Satan Tempts Jesus

August 1, 2021
We are surrounded by temptation. It will take different forms for each of us, but it is there. Jesus knows what we go through because He faced temptation, too.


July 18, 2021
Chasing money and material items do not fulfill us. Anything we get will be left behind. We should instead focus on God and His will.

Independence Day

July 4, 2021
We celebrate our independence and freedom on July 4th. Though this is important, we have a greater freedom to celebrate. Jesus gave us freedom from sin.


June 27, 2021
Jesus is the cornerstone. We need to build our lives on Him and His example.

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