April 11, 2021
Doubt seems to be an everyday companion. We doubt all kinds of things and people. It feels natural for us to doubt. Does all this doubt make it acceptable?

The Empty Tomb

April 4, 2021
Early on the third day, Mary went to the tomb to tend to Jesus' body. When she got there, He was gone. Just as He promised, Jesus had risen.

The Triumphal Entry

March 28, 2021
Palm Sunday marks the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem to begin His final week before the crucifixion. He came to give us peace and to carry our sin.

Dead to Sin, Alive to God

March 21, 2021
Baptism is a public declaration that you have repented of your sin and made the decision to follow Christ. It is a symbol of the death of our sin and…

Get Out of the Boat

March 14, 2021
Jesus came to the disciples by walking on water. Peter asked to join Him, and did fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus. When Peter took his…

The Temptation and Fall of Man

February 21, 2021
Adam and Eve had everything they needed, including a direct relationship with God. Even after being commanded to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, both…

The Greatest Gift

February 14, 2021
Love brings to mind all sorts of things. We may think of any number of ways we use love, but Jesus showed us what love is. Paul further explained how…

Walking in Unity

February 7, 2021
Being a Christian should unite us with other Christians for a common goal. There will be problems, but we should seek solutions. We must live at peace with others as…

Prophet Raised Up

January 31, 2021
Christians should continually seek God's will. He has blessed us with the Bible to allow us to have His word. God will also send people to share His message with…


January 24, 2021
Worship is often thought of as music and singing. While those are included, worship includes all we are and all we have. It is how we show our reverence and…
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