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January 24, 2021
Worship is often thought of as music and singing. While those are included, worship includes all we are and all we have. It is how we show our reverence and…

Trials and Stress

January 10, 2021
We are going to face trials, there is no doubt about that. These trials are going to produce stress, but we have a choice in how we react to stress.…

Do Not Worry

January 3, 2021
A new year often brings the same worries with new names. Jesus tells us that there is no reason to worry, we can trust God to provide for our needs.

The Tongue

December 27, 2020
Our words have an impact on others. This impact can be good or bad, depending on whether we follow our desires or God's will.


December 6, 2020
In a world of darkness, there is a Light. This is the time we celebrate Jesus coming to be our Savior. He came bringing us salvation, healing, peace.


November 29, 2020
Christ came to pay the price for our sins. He is coming again to call His church home. This promise gives us hope, no matter what we face.

Thank the Living

November 22, 2020
Even in times of trouble, there is still good if we are willing to see it. In Christ, we have many gifts, and these are well worth being thankful for.


November 1, 2020
When we see someone in need, do we stop, or just come up with excuses for moving on? How much love and care do we show to those around us?

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