Hope in Fear

April 19, 2020
With all the problems going on, pandemics, earthquakes, fighting, and everything else, feelings of fear and doubt can take hold. Jesus warned us of this coming trouble, and gave us…

Do Not Conform

September 29, 2019
We are surrounded by the world, but we don't have to mold our lives to the world. Our trust should be in God, our model should be Jesus.


June 30, 2019
Sanctification is a big word, but it means being set apart, being made holy. This is involve trials and suffering, but this trouble will work to perfect our faith. We…

Resurrection Morning

April 21, 2019
Guards were at the tomb of Christ. As the women who had followed Jesus approached the tomb, Jesus rose from the grave. His death was temporary, His life is eternal.
Love requires forgiveness. We cannot hold a grudge against those we love. God provided the ultimate example through Jesus dying on the cross. His act of forgiveness shows us how…