The Lord

July 3, 2016
There will be continuous worship in heaven. Though that is a little difficult to understand here, Revelation 4 gives us a preview of what it is like.


June 26, 2016
Worship is not a process, as it will look different in different people. It is an expression of how we value God, and we have to be seeking God in…


June 19, 2016
There are times that we'd like to "unfriend" a certain family member, one that we just don't want to be around. Jesus didn't have the support of his birth family,…


June 12, 2016
Jairus was a leader in the synagogue, so he had made a commitment to stay true to those teachings. When his daughter fell sick, he made a choice that changed…

Moses Called

May 29, 2016
Moses fled Egypt to escape punishment. After 40 years, God called him to go back and rescue Israel. It was during those 40 years that Moses learned what he needed…
Sometimes, our childhood dreams turn into nightmares. Even when that does happen, Jesus still loves us. He died to save us and rose again that we would have eternal life.
Nicodemus was a rabbi, but he knew that Jesus held something more than what the rabbis did. He went to see Jesus secretly, and learned about the message Jesus carried.
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