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No matter who you are or what you do, you are a missionary. We are all responsible for sharing the gospel. When faced with opposition, Christians must stand on the…


October 13, 2018
When we are wronged, revenge is often the first thing that comes to mind. God wants us to show mercy instead. When mercy seems too hard to grant, we need…

Drawing Near to God

October 12, 2018
Just searching for God won't meet our needs, we have to draw near to Him. That requires us to focus on God, not the things around us. We have to…


October 11, 2018
Revival service: Events in the world today can leave you drained, but this is not how God intended things to be. Just as the Fall season refreshes the air and…


November 19, 2017
How much time do we take to truly be thankful for what we have? What are we really thankful for? Do we stop and thank God for what He has…

And Then Some

September 17, 2017
Christians aren't supposed to retaliate when someone wrongs them We need to show other people the same grace that God has shown us.

The 3 Strikes

September 17, 2017
Peter denied Christ three times. Like him, we sin and hurt our relationship with God. However, just as Jesus restored Peter's relationship, He can restore ours, too.

The Spittin Image

September 17, 2017
Signs point to a meaning beyond themselves. Jesus told Nicodemus that people had to be born again. We must be born of water and the Spirit.